How It Works

Two Options

Sign Up for a Plan, Create Listings Yourself  –  Option 1


Sign Up for a Plan, Submit Your Listings to Us and We Will Post Them for You!  –   Option 2

Option 1:

Click the Sign Up/Add Listing button in the top right

Select one of the three listing plans

Create username and password

Pay, you will be directed to PayPal!

After you have registered and paid, make sure you are logged in and click the Sign Up / Add Listing button again to submit a listing.

Create your first listing.

  • Category – select the Category your art falls under
  • Listing Description – enter a description and price of your item
  • Listing Title – enter a title including your name at the end. Example: Lake Erie Sunset by Joe Smith
  • Images – make sure your image is optimized and somewhere around 800 pixels wide or tall at most
  • Address – enter your address, or if you don’t want to display it, just type in the city, example: Kitchener, ON, Canada and click the Tab key
  • State – Ontario is automatic
  • City – select from the list

Check off the Accept Terms and Conditions box

Click Continue

Once your listing is approved, it will appear on the site!


Option 2:

Click Here to Sign Up

Click Here to Submit Your Listings to Us